The worst beard habit to have is picking and plucking your beard hairs. We get it. Facial hair is hard not to touch especially if you have a full, fluffy beard. Now don’t get this confused with stroking your beard. That usually just makes you look like you’re deep in thought. The differences are picking individual hairs versus lightly running your open palm over your full beard. What makes picking worse? If you keep your fingers in the same area, you’re asking for a hole in your beard as hairs will begin to fall out one by one. Keep this up and you’ll be shaving and starting over.

How to avoid this bad habit? Try to stay away from touching your beard at all times. If you must give into the urge, palm the end of your beard without tugging. We got a few more helpful tips and insights from The Beard Baron and his take on the sabotage you yourself can have on your beard’s look and healthy growth.

Hear are a few more reasons even you find your beard is irresistible: