It’s easy to overlook beard care with the abundance of grooming products available. Beardcare is looked at as more of a luxury than a critical aspect of daily grooming (if youre able to grow a beard of course). Here are a few reasons that every man sporting a beard should invest in quality beard care products.

Gives Beard Moisture

Nobody likes a dry beard. Beard care products such as beard oil and beard balm give your beard the much needed moisture that lead to a softer more manageable beard. The standard ingredients in quality beard care products like shea butter and coconut oil feed the beard with the moisture it needs on a daily basis. Higher end beard care products even include argan oil that takes your beard moisture to the next level.


Treats Beard Dandruff

Just like the hair on your head your beard is susceptible to dandruff. There’s good news though beard care products contain ingredients like coconut oil and depending on the blend may also contain tea tree oil that take care of that dandruff problem.

Stimulates Hair Growth

No you don’t need to order beard extensions beard care products offers an all natural solution to allow your beard to grow to its full potential. Look for ingredients like castor oil and cedarwood in your next purchase. Castor oil, extracted from castor plants have been used for hundreds of years because of its beneficial properties.It cleans the pores out and allows room for the hair to grow. Essential oils such as cedarwood are helpful with growth, due to the toxins that they release, it helps blood flow to a concentrated area of the body, in this case the face and the beard.

Treats Skin Under Beard

My uncle used to say you can’t plant a seed in concrete. In order for your beard to grow to its fullest potential the soil or in this case the skin under your beard must be healthy and fertile. When you massage your beard oil and/or beard balm into your beard you’re giving the skin under your beard the necessary nutrients to sport a healthy beard.

Valencia Beard Balm

Anti-bacterial Traits

You’d probably never think that beard oil and beard balm can even clean out your beard. There’s no doubt beards can get a little germy at times which is why quality beard care products are important for a healthy man mane. Look for essential oils like cedarwood and mint to name a few.

Gives Beard Distinct Scent

One of the best reasons to use beard care products is the distinct scent they give your beard. Smell is a powerful emotional trigger it shapes a lot of the daily interactions we have with other people. Beard care products that smell great will help you make that great first impression with just about anybody.
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