Niyi Okuboyejo told GQ that being from Africa never made him popular growing up in Houston, TX. Today his Nigerian inspired collection of ties, pocket squares, and scarves is giving office wardrobes everywhere a new personality. The colors: bright, diverse, and sometimes outside the lines. But that’s what Post-Imperial is all about – pushing boundaries. “It’s called Post-Imperial because it’s about the time after old regimes, and creating for today,” he tells interviewers. “It’s cool to look at old photos and fantasize, but we should be creating our own images. Twenty years from now, people should look at our time and fantasize about it.”


The beautiful fabrics are the first to catch your eye. They’re made from a Yoruban technique called Adire dyeing. A traditional Nigerian weddings these cloths are exchanged with a special motif or meaning behind each one. Niyi has great respect for his Nigerian roots, and handles the traditional styles with much care. He’s even more excited to shine light on the African diaspora as a whole. Traditional style cannot be put in a box, and Post-Imperial gives suit accessories a new personality. Though nostalgic, mix well the past and present.

post-imperial-ties post-imperial-scarves post-imperial-pocket-square


The best way to get your own Post-Imperial fix is their online store. The brand has already found popularity with retail accounts in Japan, and other places where the men are more ahead than western styles – soon come. It’ll be in Unis New York, one of the best in the U.S., this fall 2015. Right now the collection is full of ties, scarves, pocket squares and bandanas, but this is just the beginning of where Niyi’s fashion sense meets his roots.