So you want to go to the gym but you don’t know where to start. The gym can be a pretty intimidating place, especially if you’re just starting out. This fear is what leads to many people never stepping foot inside one at all. [BOLD] men don’t give in to fear so before you head out to your first work out session, take in these 9 tips for new gym members.


  •     Stick With The Plan!

Every success story begins with a plan. Before you enter your gym map out your week. Know exactly what muscle groups you want to work on and on what day. has an amazing array of workout programs and diet plans specific to the fitness goals you hope to accomplish.

  •     Observe

Sure most gym equipment is pretty straight forward. Lift this , pull that , push this. But there are some machines that are a little more intricate than that. Before you try your hand at these machines as a newbie, try to observe others use the equipment in order to get the form down and prevent injury.

  •     Bring a bottle of water

Staying hydrated is key for success in the gym. You don’t want to spend half your session going back and forth from the water fountain (if your gym even has one).

  •     Re-Rack The Damn Weights!

Self explanatory. Don’t be that guy.

  •     Help Out

You may be asking yourself, “Help do what?”. I’m new I don’t know anything.” Even the most avid gym goers can be hesitant when it comes to asking for help. When you see somebody struggling offer to spot them for a set or two. It’s a great way to get to know the people in your gym and by doing this you can be sure people will be more than happy to help you out when they see you in the same situation.

  •   Go At Your Pace

As men its in our nature to see everything as a competition. Just because the guy next to you is practically bench pressing a Honda Civic doesn’t mean you should try to too. All great things come with patience and work.

  •     Get To Know The Staff

If you get past this initial rookie stage you’ll be seeing their faces a lot so it would behoove you to get to know these people. You never know what specials and opportunities they may be able to offer.


  •     Don’t Be A Creep

Yes, there are a lot of women in tight, fitting athletic gear. Yes, they can see you gawking over them. Act like you’ve seen a woman before. Play it cool.

  • Have fun.

Above all be safe and have fun. Your local gym can be an amazing place where you turn your visits to the gym from a short stint to an integral part of your lifestyle. You can better yourself, meet new friends, and try new fitness routines all around your new, healthy lifestyle.