How To Survive Made In America 2015


It’s that time of the year again folks. It seems like just yesterday Sean Carter better known to the world as Jay Z joined forces with a little known beer company named Budweiser to bring us one of the most amazing music festivals of the year. Labor Day has become synonymous with the Made In America festival, it is a cultural phenomenon and  has become the go to destination for people young and old just trying to enjoy the last days of summer. For the Made In America vets I’m sure you know by now the rundown but just incase here’s a refresher, this is our guide to surviving Made In America.

What To Pack

Probably the most popular question for Made In America virgins is what do I pack. Let’s break it down for you all a little bit.

  • Extremely Comfortable Sneakers/Boots

    You know the pair of sneakers you bought years back that you’re just now realizing you made a terrible decision but you keep them around because well they’re comfortable. Those ugly but comfortable sneakers will be your best friend this weekend. Just like any other festival you may go hours without sitting so comfort is crucial. Made In America isn’t an exactly shoe friendly environment either, from the grass to the large crowds it might be better to leave those Yeezys at home kids.

  • Light Breathable Clothing

    Summer isn’t over quite yet and keep in mind you will be in the Sun all day around thousands of other people. Show off your uniqueness but dress as comfortable as you can. It can also get a little chilly at night so bring a sweatshirt just in case.

  • Sunglasses

    This is incredibly important due to the fact you will probably be drinking and the best way to hide “drunk eyes” is with a pair of quality sunglasses (I heard they also protect against UV rays or whatever).

  • Sunscreen

  • Small Backpack

Plan Plan Plan

Before you head out be sure to check out the set time schedule located below so you know when and where your favorite artists are performing. For the bigger performers you may want to arrive to their stage at least an hour or two before they perform or you’ll be so far back you might as well have stayed home and streamed it on Tidal.

Made In America 2015 Set Times

Courtesy Of Tidal

 Explore Philly

Yeah I know what you’re thinking, outside of Labor Day Weekend Philadelphia isn’t exactly the party capital of the world and to be honest the nightlife in Philly after the festival leaves much to be desired. With that said Philadelphia is a beautiful city with a rich history, on your down time stop and take a look around the city of brotherly love.

Have An Open Mind

The beauty of Made In America is its vast array of performers on a yearly basis from Pearl Jam to Tiësto to future president of the United States Kanye West the festival is a huge melting pot of talent and onlookers. Take advantage of the musical and cultural diversity by checking out some performers you’ve never heard of, who knows you might actually like something.