Today has proven to be no ordinary day. You find yourself submerged in an arena full of spectators, yelling and shouting, as the lights dim and all eyes are fixated on the action as it is about to unfold. You glance around only to realize, you stand amongst both friends and foes, easily identifiable by their branded symbols of allegiance. You make your way through the dense crowd as you now stand afront the mob and just as the barbaric contest is about to begin, the brewmaster asks “What would a bearded guy like yourself like to drink?”

That’s right! It’s fuckin Sunday Night Football and you’re tasked to pick your poison for the evening, so what do you order? A light beer? Bottled or on draft? An Ale, Lager, Stout? Well it depends. You’d be surprised at the amount of fellas who don’t really know their beers. Well, there’s a beer for every kind of Beardsman and even some that are healthier than others, ones that you don’t drink, that you should reconsider the next time you knock back a cold one. Luckily, we can teach you a thing or two. So here’s some insight on what the Beardsman orders at the bar.

Let’s start out with the Ales. Ales are known for being full-bodied beers with the hint of fruits or spice. When drinking an Ale you are guaranteed a hoppy after-taste (Hoppy just means the bitterness and it’s balance with the other flavours in the beer – see…you’re learning). The most common styles of ales are pale ale, India pale ale, and amber ale. Our favorite are the pale ales, perfect for eating with spicy food, maybe Thai or Mexican. So whether its a plate of pla som or a spicy burrito bowl, pale ales provide that balance you need to subside blowing out your palate at dinner.


Lagers- Now for us, lagers are a personal favorite. It comes packaged with a cleaner and crisper quality best consumed at cooler temperatures (not all). Lagers are made through a process of storing for several months in near-freezing temperatures, hence the crisp and refreshing finish due to longer aging. It’s easy to choose a lager from any other beer because of how highly carbonated it is. Our favorite Lager happens to be the Red-Stripe Jamaican Lager, comes in a stubby bottle, carbonated with little flavor, great for guzzling as you watch a football game or to beat the heat.

Stouts- The average beer drinker might not like our choice to talk about stouts but only a real man will stomach the bitter, dark rich creamy taste of a Stout beer. This coffee like alcoholic beverage isn’t favored but it has great benefits for men. Elizabeth Ward R.D., a trusted source for Muscle and Fitness Magazine says its “The best bet for guys looking to maintain a healthy physique is the beer with the fewest calories.” Want essential B vitamins help keep your heart in shape? Go with a cold stout! It has the right amount of vitamin B12 (deficiency of B12 can have an indirect negative effect on hair growth) and soluble fiber to help lower “bad,” cholesterol.

You may have your draft picks of beers, but we have our 3 favorite types right here. So the next time you’re at your local pub or bar, try something new, just remember to choose boldly.