Let’s face it razor bumps really suck. Have you ever had a conversation with a woman and all she could stare at were the bumps on your neck and chin, we’ve all been there. Millions of people deal with this problem everyday and its even more prevalent in the black community due to our coarse and curly hairs. Whether you sport a full beard or not razor bumps and in grown hairs can still be a major problem when lining our beards up.  Here’s some of our secrets to combatting this annoying problem.



Tend skin beard care

When I was dealing with my very first ingrown hair outbreak I was 19 and didn’t know what to do. I went to my local beauty shop and literally tried every product that promised relief to no avail. Its not until a friend recommended Tend-skin that things began to change. It’s literally a miracle in a bottle in less than 48 hours all my ingrown hairs were gone.


2.Single Blade Razor

Bevel Razor

If you watch any sort of TV you’ve noticed at least one commercial about the benefits of using a razor with 48 blades (exaggerating .. a little). It’s almost to the point where a young man who shaves for the first time is  programmed to believe that the more blades the better the razor. Unfortunately for the brothers who suffer from ingrown hairs we learn the hard way that maybe a blade with more razors than I have teeth isn’t exactly worth it. Thankfully our friends at Bevel are turning the tide and have created a razor that focuses on cutting the actual hair on your face and not the skin underneath.

3.Give Your Skin Time To Heal


Resist the urge to shave everyday. Give your skin some time to heal after the initial shave. Too much shaving may lead to those dreaded ingrown hairs making a comeback.


4.Take care of your skin

No Fast Food


Most importantly of all is taking good care of your hair and skin. Keep your skin moisturized at all times with high quality Shea Butter based lotions. Your diet also plays a major part in your skin condition so steer clear from McDonalds and Chipotle for a while.


5.Embrace Your Beard.

As before mentioned growing a beard doesn’t exactly absolve you from razor bumps but it does go a long way. Ladies also love beards, so I’ve been told.