With his rise to A-List Stardom through snapchat, DJ Khaled is known for welcoming nothing but positive energy and good vibes. He drops gems for us to reflect on and keeps us in-tune with the major successes that can’t seem to escape him these days, including being added to Beyonce’s Formation Tour as the opening act.

With an album on the way, Khaled continues to provide us cloth talk on a daily basis, so we sourced the Top 10 Major Keys to Success from Khaled that you never hear enough or anywhere else for that matter.


10. “Get a massage at least once a week.”

When you work hard, finding a way to relax and unwind is key to keeping your head in the game. We’ve seen Khaled snap his fair share of back rubs and foot massages, it seems like it keeps him feeling good about his life. You aren’t any less of a man for treating yourself to a weekly massage.

9. “The key is not to ride your jet ski at night. Not only is it against the law, it just ain’t right.”


Here’s some advice you won’t find anywhere else, from the infamous Khaled “Lost at Sea” story. Jet Ski’s don’t come with headlights or sea side assistance so just play it safe and ride when the sun’s out.

8. “If you want to smell good for the ladies, don’t use cologne. Use Cocoa Butter.”

You don’t need fragrances to get the job done. Cocoa butter carries a nutty, chocolate yet subdued scent that is good for the skin. Not too strong and very inviting to women, trust, you’ll thank Khaled for this one.

7. “The key to more success is to have a lot of pillows.” 

No matter how hard you grind, we all need rest to stay sharp and motivated on a day-to-day.  See there’s this thing called comfort, the more pillows to lay your head, the better the sleep.

6. “No matter how busy your schedule is, always make time to exercise. Stay Healthy. Win More.”


Health is Wealth. The better you treat your body and take care of yourself, the longer and harder you will be able to work and achieve all the goals you set for your life.

5. “They don’t want you to win, so stay away from They.”

“They” are the people in your life that tell you not to try, hope that you fail and hate when you win. If you welcome positive energy, you’ll understand how “they” can throw your good vibes off. No country for “they”, keep them away and accept life’s blessings as they come.

4.  “Pray every chance you get. God is great. Always give thanks.” 

Prayer keeps you grounded and humble because you acknowledge a higher power. Always give thanks and always remember, things could be much worse.

3. “Before you make a major decision, get a hair cut.”

DJ Khaled- slide 8-vertical

Grooming is the best way to give yourself a boost of confidence and feel better about you outward appearance. When you feel good about how you look, the more likely you are to exude the confidence you need to make tough decisions. Don’t make the mistake of making choices when you aren’t looking your best.

2. “It costs money to eat, so we gotta win more.”

Khaled is someone who likes to eat and understands that if you want to eat more, you have to be able to afford it. This type of advice rings bells for the hustlers and go-getters that have a vision of living a certain way and will do what is necessary to make those ends meet. The better you want to live, the harder you have to work.

1. “When you win big, and you win more they’re going to sue. Just countersue them though. Don’t back down.”


The best advice we’ve never heard before. Protect what you work hard for from the people that want to block your blessings. If anyone threatens the life you have worked hard to make, be sure not to back down. Stay focused and don’t go down without a fight.