The fashion-store giant H&M, has released their latest campaign, featuring international icon and soccer superstar David Beckham and the coolest comedian on the planet, Kevin Hart. This campaign takes an innovative approach to bringing popularity to their fall collection, one we’ve never seen before. We saw a few funny clips surface in anticipation for the full-length version, which debuted on September 22nd. The full lengths film shows the two wearing Beckham’s selects from the new H&M Modern Essentials collection. In the short film, Kevin Hart, up for the part of playing David Beckham in the biopic “I, Beckham,”, shadows the soccer star in preparation for the role. In traditional Kevin Hart fashion, his behavior in the short films keeps us laughing the entire way through.


If you want to see marketing savvy at its finest, this campaign is both funny and a work of true genius. Based on an idea that seems unlikely for Beckham at this stage in his life, it’s amazing watching these two commit to their roles in the film. Hart and Beckham wear matching outfits, use the same toiletries and even practice the same sports post-game rituals (Kevin does’t handle his ice bath too well). We don’t want to spoil the enjoyment of watching this film from start to finish, but it echoes not only the ability for both these icons to entertain, but it gives H&M the stage to show off their fall collection is. In every scene, both men rock each outfit with ease, echoing the versatility of these pieces. We couldn’t think of a more uncanny, iconic pair of individuals to build anticipation for this fall collection. We’ll be picking up a few items when the full collection launches online October 1 at