The essence of freedom lies in being BOLD. Our philosophy is to challenge the status quo by thriving without conforming and the beards we are celebrating here, continue to influence an audience of people in fashion, music, industry, entertainment and technology.

Here is a toast to them for redefining the perception, behavior and performance of the bearded man.



Ouigi Theodore (@TheBKCircus)Beards: Ouigi Theodore

There’s no discussion about fashion and culture without mentioning the “Bearded Man” himself. Ouigi has carved out a special place for himself as one of the leaders of the Menswear movement. The 38 year-old designer is the owner of the men’s boutique The Brooklyn Circus. Ouigi has channeled a vintage style and character and translated it to modern-day menswear, marking The Brooklyn Circus as a time machine to a renaissance-esqe period in history.The Brooklyn Circus has become a landmark in the communities it caters to and beyond (San Fransisco & Brooklyn), welcoming exciting collaborations from creatives across the globe, such as SHIPS in Japan and the bearded design duo Art Comes First in London. This limitless appeal that Ouigi has created through this brand, is one that remains impressionable to fashion and culture enthusiasts and to the loyal believers in the 100 year plan.


Baratunde Thurston (@baratunde)

Beards: Baratunde Thurston

This author and comedian is one of the leading writers when it comes to talking about race and culture, and curating funny shit of course. After losing Jon Stewart, Comedy Central hired Baratunde to lead the production of content on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah. A true influence to technology and media, Thurston leads the evolution in expanding the series’ footprint across all digital and social platforms. As a regular house guest to the TED conglomerate, Baratunde was given the opportunity to host New York City’s first TED Talks Live event, offering his humor as a way of bringing people together to discuss pressing issues. Catch him talking “About Race”, as a co-host to the recently launched podcasts on ITunes.


Kazeem Famuyide (@thereallifekaz)

Beards: Kazeem Famuyide

It’s easy to cite facts about hip-hop but to be a voice of the culture; you need some serious credibility. Founder/Editor-In-Chief of STASHED, Kazeem is solidifying his place as a voice who has grown with the generation that drives today’s hip hop culture. His highlights this year alone include interviewing the cast of “Straight Outta Compton”, celebrating a 2 year anniversary with STASHED, and prime features on Black Enterprise BE a Modern Man, Uncommon Sense and Sway’s Universe, to name a few. With one of the most influential digital blogs, Kazeem reaches the youth with leading content on music, politics, sports, fashion, and free thinking, or whatever is moving the culture forward. Outside of everything publishing, occasionally, we can expect him to shed some light on twitter about other important things. Like who is most likely to kick ass in a WWE Hell in a Cell match.


Coltrane Curtis (@coltranecurtis)Beards: Coltrane Curtis

Let’s welcome the marketing pioneer in the room, Mr. Coltrane Curtis himself.

Probably the most relatable, Coltrane is the founding partner of Team Epiphany, a creative group that understands how to create authentic relationships between brands and consumers. His cultural impact is what makes his style of marketing so unique. Being apart of an influential community, Coltrane’s selling point is that at any given time, he can not only sell cool to brands, but can report on what the is driving the culture.

The 40 under 40 honoree is a respected entrepreneur, that comes from humble beginnings and knows what it’s like to work your way up the ladder. Getting his start in the family business, he left to create his own legacy, launching his the new chapter of his career at Complex and MTV helping position these companies as a presence in fashion.

His well-groomed look and his comfort meets street style aside, Coltrane is a stand up Family man. His wife is his business partner at the agency, his focus is staying grounded and connected to the community of people he represents and like every father, his most important goal in his life, is to raise his son the right way. Salute.


Malcolm “Thelonius” Martin (@Kingthelonious)

Beards: Thelonious Martin

We salute the youngest in charge, Malcolm Martin, known to the world as Thelonious Martin. The Chicago based producer is making a name for himself in the hip-hop culture with his unique collaborations, sample based producing style and ability to transcend hip-hop with his level of musicality. If you’ve listened to his latest album, Wünderkid, you’ll agree that this kid is way ahead of his time. He’s worked with the likes of Kanye West, Curren$y, Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa, Stalley and more recognizable names, too many to mention. etc.

Arguably one of the best talents to come from the Chi, Thelonious is one of the boomin’ young producers that attracts good energy that makes for soulful collaborative projects. Influenced by greats before him such as Madlib and J.Dilla, he continues to make great music and inspire young teens to pursue their dreams.


Shaka Maidoh and Sam Lambert (ArtComesFirst)

Shaka Maidoh & Samuel Lambert Beards

If you believe in icons x the visual intrigue of Tumblr or Pinterest, we can guarantee you’ve met the British-born stylist and visual designer dominates the category. Let’s introduce you to the bearded men behind the style-laden duo, Art Comes First.

Shaka alongside his partner Sam Lambert, created an outlet for men’s sartorial appreciation, which has now become a hub for dynamic collaborations with reputable flavors of creatives. Shaka considers himself a distant traveler, with disciplines in tailoring from a young age, his influence in men’s fashion pieces is brought to life by his inspiration for connecting with people and his passion for traveling. Just looking at Shaka, you can see his style brings to life many different eras in time and his unique sartorial sense makes him a great visual designer.  

As the son of a tailor, Sam has been rocking bespoke suits since his early adolescence. Growing in the disciplines of tailoring, he has become a purveyor of fine vintage pieces. The duo compliments each other so well and has brought much-needed inspiration to men’s style, we hope to see more from them in the near future.


Beards, Salute.