To get desired results from the gym, progress does not happen overnight. To gain muscle mass and become faster and stronger, you need discipline and dedication. Beard care is no different. Originally when we started this [BOLD] Beardsmen, we went out and asked our fellow beards-men “What are the biggest personal issues in maintaining your beard?” and you would be surprised at some of the responses. But, before we indulge in that, we required insight into some of the products they were already using, to meet the results of a full, healthy beard. We got answers like “Baby Lotion”, “Petroleum Jelly”, “Water” or our favorite one “After I grease my scalp I just rub whatever is left on my hands right into my beard”. We knew this wasn’t the right way to be grooming, so we came up with a crash course on how to combat the hardships of maintaining your beard.

First, you should know that the most important part of beard care is the maintenance of the skin behind the beard. When not treated properly, beards can get dry and itchy, which should make finding the products and following a regimen top priority on your to do list. We suggest conditioning your beard with a beard conditioner. The right conditioner is packaged with healthy substances that your pores can effortlessly absorb. Avoid buying regular hair conditioners; they contain waxes, which are the cheapest ways to clog your pores, eventually leading to ingrown hairs.

Some of the issues our friends have (you may be experiencing the same struggle).  The biggest problem friends had was softening hair and growing a fuller beard. Other issues included ingrown hairs, problems detangling, bumps and a dry, itchy beard. Each one of these issues has a remedy, but even with the products, you wont see the best results unless you follow a regimen of washing, conditioning and grooming (we are not about the shaving life) your beard.

Now that we’ve scratched the surface on the first step of conditioning, let’s get to the nitty gritty… What the hell should you use to get that full, manly looking, gnarly smelling beard? A buttery beard balm and silky beard oil are the two cures to all of your shortcomings. Applying these products will not provide instant results, rather, they are the crucial steps towards a full proof regimen. These leave in conditioners are enriched with carrier oils such as argan oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil, treatments proven to condition and soften hair and give it a shiny, well-styled look. Get rid of the cheap a** products that contain water and chemicals that cause breakage and stunt hair growth and take an organic approach to growing healthy hair and a well groomed beard both you and your lady can show off.

So there you have it, treat your beard well and it will return to you all the good you deserve in the  world: the jobs, the chicks and the respect from everyone who stops you to tell you how much they love your look.