When that Apple link drops…get ready to be glued to your computer screen for today’s special announcements. Just like every other Apple event, one thing is for sure; all the patient, avid Apple users who have waited for the refined updates to Apple’s latest hardware, are guaranteed to be rewarded. Today we can expect updates for the iPhone, Apple TV, and iPad, each being equipped with more power and more features.

Based on Apple events in the past, we can almost predict what to expect today. Starting with the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, they’ll probably look the same, but with faster processors, an improved camera, and Force Touch, a feature already part of newer MacBook trackpads.

At previous Apple events, The Apple TV has been a no-show, but all signs point to the new Apple TV, now with a Siri integrated remote, showing up on stage. With the current model’s asking price at $69, perhaps we can expect something new to come out of this year’s event.

The iPad Pro is rumored to be unveiled as a larger, more powerful, and stylus-friendly tablet than those currently available — this we’re keeping an eye on.

Now we’re anxious to see what Apple does to further shakeup the tech scene, we imagine Apple will have something to say about Apple Music, which hasn’t been doing so great in recent weeks. Maybe it’s time for new, colorful watch bands? Or a video streaming service? So much to think about, we can’t wait for these answers!

How to watch

Starting time: San Francisco: 10:00AM / New York: 1:00PM / London: 6:00PM / Berlin 7:00PM / Moscow: 8:00PM / Beijing: 1:00AM (September 10th) / Tokyo: 2:00AM (September 10th) / Sydney 3:00AM (September 10th).

Live streaming: Apple’s live stream is available via a dedicated channel on the Apple TV set-top box or the Safari browser on OS X (10.8.5 and above) and iOS devices (iOS 6 and above).